ESG - embrace impact,
anticipate risks

We boost your ESG assessments with
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
Are you overwhelmed by the ESG landscape?
Dependence on intransparent ESG ratings
Positive bias in ESG reports
Lack of stakeholder differentiation
Fragmented landscape of ESG frameworks
ESG Portfolio Monitoring and Due Diligence
We lead the path towards transparent, dynamic and objective ESG .
Risks and controversies are only one side of ESG. Our assessments also reflect opportunities and positive ESG impact.
Focus on ESG impact and opportunities
We develop peergroup- and stakeholder-based ESG assessments to guarantee transparent ESG insights.
We include existing ESG frameworks and enrich them with new ESG trends and concerns.
Dynamic market monitoring and
real-time insights
Local and specialised data sources
Our technology covers a multitude of languages and industries and ensures a tailor-made analysis of relevant ESG topics.
Peergroup-based ESG assessments
What our clients have to say:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand
Head of the Competence Center for Investments,
Lucerne School of Business
"Equintel has provided alternative data to help us valuate FinTech companies. This information was a valuable complement to existing structured data and has enriched our understanding of the intangible value of the companies."
Oliver Wegner
CEO roadX AG
"Working with Equintel is a great pleasure. The team excels at making sense of Big Data for decision-makers and presenting it in a graphically appealing way. This information provides a clear competitive advantage and a great basis for implementing value-added buy-side strategies."
François Perrin
Head of ESG,
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert
"Equintel provides us with fine-grained, timely ESG insights that reflect current ESG trends of companies and peer groups that go beyond traditional, static ESG frameworks. Equintel´s ESG solutions enable a dynamic and real time ESG risk identification and analysis."
We are focusing on the impact and opportunities of ESG topics instead of only caring about risks.
  • Exposure and share-of-voice
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Subjectivity and greenwashing bias
  • Global coverage
  • 20k+ companies in our universe
  • Peergroup creation and benchmarking
Key features:
Access our data in your preferred format:
Intuitive data visualisations with export feature for custom reports and presentations.
A customisable REST API for the integration into your own data platform.
Get a ready report or presentation - we export your data in your desired format.
How EQUINTEL works:
Cutting-edge machine learning and Natural Language Processing to extract unique insights from a variety of data sources
Machine learning and NLP
State-of-the-art NLP algorithms
Concept extraction
Relation extraction
Similarity search
Topic modeling
Sentiment analysis
Metadata analysis
Peer-group analysis
Innovation and R&D
Human capital, corporate culture
Evolution over time
Management team
Core financials
Actionable insights into industries and corporate intangibles
Data basis
Company-internal data
Structured external data
Unstructured data
Company databases
Business press
Social media
Customer feedback
The people behind EQUINTEL
PhD Computational Linguistics
MA Chinese Studies and Business
Over 10 years of experience in NLP and text analytics in business scenarios
Dr. Janna Lipenkova
Business Sinologist
Certified European Financial Analyst
PhD Candidate University of St. Gallen
10+ years experience in corporate banking and international investment projects
Timo Heroth
We combine a passion for Big Data and AI with technological expertise and years of experience in finance.