Boost your strategic decisions with
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Value-creation by intangibles

Intangibles are the key value drivers for companies. Intangibles refer to criteria such as the strength of innovation, the corporate culture, human capital and ESG exposures.

In contrast to financials being reflected in financial statements and quantitative information, intangibles are mostly hidden in scattered qualitative data.

NLP and Big Data Analytics represents the gateway for being able to appraise and quantify intangibles!

We tap the data pool for...
Financial Service Providers
Evaluate companies with holistic information on intangibles and monitor your target and portfolio companies with Big Data.
Optimize your strategy, communication and reporting for ESG and intangibles and create a data-driven stakeholder dialogue.
Data basis
Machine learning and NLP
Business press
Social media
Customer feedback
Unstructured data
Structured external data
Company databases
Company-internal data
State-of-the-art NLP algorithms
Concept extraction
Relation extraction
Similarity search
Topic modeling
Sentiment analysis
Metadata analysis
Actionable insights into industries
and corporate intangibles
Cutting-edge machine learning and Natural Language Processing to extract unique insights from a variety of data sources
Peer-group analysis
Innovation and R&D
Human capital, corporate culture
Evolution over time
Management team
Core financials

Research "as usual"
    • Slow, costly research process
    • Outdated and incomplete data bases
    • Focus on tangibles and financials
    • One-off, static outputs
    • Automated research
    • Alternative data sources
    • Analysis of intangibles
    • Dynamic market monitoring, real-time insights
    Data Integration
    Based on a tailor-made integration, our clients can dynamically
    access data
    Dr. Janna Lipenkova
    Timo Heroth
    Our team
    We combine a passion for Big Data and AI with technological expertise and years of experience in finance
    PhD Computational Linguistics
    MA Chinese Studies and Business
    Over 10 years of experience in NLP
    and text analytics in business scenarios
    Business Sinologist
    Certified European Financial Analyst
    PhD Candidate University of St. Gallen
    10+ years experience in corporate banking
    and international investment projects
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