Embracing ESG with Big Data and AI

Towards an objective, dynamic and
stakeholder-focused ESG assessment and reporting
About ESG
"Companies need to be able to look at sustainability across the chain, from suppliers to clients - all this requires data."
"We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?"
BNP Paribas and In, S. Y., Rook, D.
& Monk, A. (2019)
Get on board with your stakeholders
In times of great stakeholder intensity, we embrace Big Data to deliver a holistic picture on ESG by integrating your stakeholders and by turning data into hard facts!
In this process, we let you identify and prioritize the most material ESG topics for your industry, your peers and your own company.
By implementing a strategic ESG approach, you are able to monitor and anticipate ESG trends and let technology do the hard work for your ESG reporting and marketing.
Your benefits from a holistic and data-driven ESG strategy
You attract investors by higher equity returns and by long-term value creation.
You anticipate risks by meeting expectations of your stakeholders.
Create Value
Align with your stakeholders
You upgrade from manual to
automated research.
You ease regulatory pressure.
Minimize costs
You manage your ESG exposures for your goal-setting, bench-marking and course-corrections.
You concentrate on your own future-oriented ESG assessment instead of being rated for historic developments.
Understand your business
Act forward-looking